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Tackling Cloud Security in Uncertain Times

Watch Erez Baum, Seagate Lyve Labs Israel senior director and Eyal Moshe, HUB Security CEO discuss how Global companies can partner and collaborate on Cloud, data and security.

More data and applications than ever have moved to the cloud creating unique infosecurity challenges for both cloud providers and cloud customers alike. Cloud data storage security has forced today’s cybercriminals to invent new ways to circumvent today’s cyber solutions in order to gain access to the sensitive data of millions of businesses and individuals.

Seagate® Technology, a world leader in data storage and management solutions, opened its LyveTM Labs Israel initiative in February. Its mission? To form partnerships with businesses in order to enable innovations by providing simple, secure, and efficient ways to work with exabytes of data. 

The initiative empowers the seamless movement of data, optimizing its business value both in flight and at rest. “The reason Seagate created Lyve Labs is because we understand that innovation cannot happen in silos,” said Seagate’s CEO Dr. Dave Mosley. “Innovation is a work of collaboration. The innovators at Lyve Labs are indebted to other innovators. In turn—drawing on over 40 years of Seagate’s experience as a global leader in data storage and management solutions—we want to help enable innovations that use data for the good of humanity.”

The startups partnering with Lyve Labs Israel take on data challenges that tackle real-world problems, such as disaster management and cloud security. One such startup is Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity firm HUB Security who have partnered with Seagate® Technology as part of its new initiative to explore ways to create safe and secure data management solutions.