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HUB Security Releases Pocket Size Quantum Protection

HUB Security announces the first-ever product enabling absolute data security on the edge based on a QRNG component.

Israel, Tel-Aviv, 4.20.2021.

Israeli cybersecurity company HUB Security has announced the first-ever miniature HSM with a QRNG component, enabling endpoint data privacy and access security for IoT and distributed networks. This new product ensures absolute data, keys and applications protection despite the prevalence of cyber-attacks.

The 5G cellular network opens up new opportunities for IoT devices and components in industries such as agriculture, drones, transport etc. However, these opportunities come with new cyber threats requiring special protection for each and every network-connected device or component. To deal with these security threats, HUB Security introduces the QRNG mini HSM, which is the first miniaturized HSM that generates random encryption and authentication keys, providing the highest level of security in size and power constrained environments and on the Edge networks.

This unique computing solution from HUB Security is a device which creates a “secure enclave” around a processor or component, such that the keys, the data and the application are fully encapsulated within the secure enclave - protected by an embedded hardware firewall, access control policies and a physical tamper proof enclosure. The solution provides all the standard HSM functionality.

This device from HUB Security is a cyber breakthrough. It provides absolute security for the data center, the HSM connectivity and for the computer itself, which HUB Security sells as a device or provides as a secured service, depending on the customer’s preference.

About HUB Security

HUB Security Ltd. was established in 2017 by Eyal Moshe and Andrey Iaremenko. The Company has offices in Tel Aviv and New York, currently employing 25 employees. The Company offers cyber security solutions for the AI, data, fintech and infrastructure sectors. HUB Security’s cyber platform is designed and manufactured by the Company in Israel, delivering military-grade protection for organizations.

The Company’s basic assumption is that the systems it protects are already hacked and therefore they need to receive protection at a higher standard for the most sensitive information. The Company’s solution enables the most sensitive companies and organizations to run artificial intelligence applications at the highest possible security level as required in the health service, critical infrastructure and finance industries.