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HUB Security Gains Approval for Military-Grade Cryptographic Patent

Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity firm HUB Security has announced recently it has received final patent approval for its military-grade smart firewall and active physical tamper implementation. The announcement comes weeks after the company announced its merger with publicly listed enterprise ALD (TASE:ALD.TA).

Established in 2017 by veterans of the 81 and 8200 IDF Intelligence units, the new patent allows HUB Security to continue extending its highly-specialized combination of cybersecurity solutions for fintech, healthcare, and critical infrastructure industries seeking to secure their most sensitive data and digital assets.

The latest patent developed by the company’s CTO Andrey Iaremenko establishes a novel unparalleled industry standard for digital asset custody protection. The approved IP directly relates to the company’s flagship solutions which utilize military-grade cybersecurity principles for its Vault HSM (Hardware Security Module) and handheld miniHSM device.

According to the patent publication, the IP outlines multiple layers of physical and network cyber protection, along with a well-defined zero-trust architecture. The company refers to it as a ‘data center-in-a-box’ that, coupled with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 (pending) technology, will enable its customers to store any kind of digital asset in a highly-secure and isolated hardware enclave.

“The news of our patent approval is both exciting and humbling. The latest IP ensures HUB Security’s technological relevance as well as strengthening the position within the realm of cybersecurity technologies - an industry with exponential growth.” Said Andrey Iaremenko, CTO and Co-Founder  of HUB Security. 

The benefits are innumerous, including allowing organizations to continue operations uninterrupted even if their networks and computers have been hacked or compromised. Post SolarWinds, companies remain highly vulnerable, and the protection of private keys continues to be the greatest challenge in industries like the electronic currency ecosystem.

The company announced its patent approval includes features which would allow security admins to establish stringent IAM and PAM policies on the traffic. In addition, the company is also offering an optional service which would provide intelligent anomaly detection using machine learning algorithms that work to detect and prevent zero-day attacks on sensitive systems.

HUB Security’s Vault HSM and mini HSM solutions allow clients a fully customizable HSM with exclusive control over managing remote secure access of their remote workforce –– something that’s long been cause for concern among cybersecurity experts, CSOs and CISOs. 

HUB Security gained notoriety in recent years when it announced it would be the first industry-standard HSM to provide quantum-proof capabilities on all its HSM devices. The new feature release, announced late last June, was designed to protect companies against the next generation of cyber threats and attacks - quantum attacks.

HUB Security’s hardware security modules (HSM) offer high-performance military-grade key management and cryptographic solutions built on fully programmable hardware. Now, coupled with its quantum-proof capabilities and latest IP approval for smart firewall and active tamper-proof features, the company will continue to enable cloud and enterprise industries to safeguard against massive and novel cyberthreats.

The up-and-coming cybersecurity company boasts an expanding portfolio of fintech, cloud, and insurance clientele. As a growing number of industries turn to cloud and data storage solutions, there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions that can combat their unique threats.

About HUB  Security

HUB Security is a top-tier, military-grade provider of confidential computing, HSM and key management solutions for fintech, cloud and critical infrastructure security. Leveraging military-grade cybersecurity tactics and utilizing cutting-edge innovations, HUB Security has developed a family of products that provide the highest level of enterprise security available on the market today.

About ALD (A.L.D. Advanced Logistics)

ALD is a long-standing, well-established Israeli public company(TASE: ALD.TA) active in the field of reliability software and consulting for 36 years with a leading global customer base. The group is engaged in providing services, consultancy, and software in the field of systems reliability. The company's customers are government bodies and Fortune 500 companies which worked with ALD for over 20 years.