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The Energy Efficiency of Confidential Computing

With COP26 Glasgow taking place today, here are some thoughts on confidential computing and environmental concerns.

With cloud computing being in high demand, companies are competing on resources of electricity, space, and ventilation. This is happening as the demand for better performance is constantly on the rise, heavy processing is taking place, and algorithmic needs are ever-changing.

On an environmental level - this all translates to high levels of energy consumption, which causes carbon emission.

With the right methodology and solution, the massive carbon footprint can be avoided. When we address this, we think of agility.

Agility for us at HUB Security means creating a programmable platform - in this case, an FPGA hardware-based programmable solution that consumes less energy, space, and ventilation resources.

Another cool upside is the end result of less cost on maintenance, space, and high organization efficiency. This is one of those times when budget and environmentalism go hand in hand.

Agility means that one efficient machine can take the place of many others, and can be programmed to do its work.

In a time when the public demands green forward-thinking to be a part of every organization - it’s so helpful to have products by your side that not only enhance development goals but also help to make your business greener.

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