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Your Digital Assets Are More Vulnerable Than You Think

Data breaches come in all shapes and sizes. Today, any hacker from the comfort of their keyboard can gain access to millions of bits of your data. We’ve heard the horror stories. We’re living in the age of vulnerability - an age where a threat can emerge from any vector, at any time.

And it's not just your data that's at risk or the data of your customers. It's your company's most protected assets that are up for grabs. Even with today's highest-price point solutions, nothing is guaranteed to be truly secure in today's digital era. In fact, it's heavily debated whether most commonly used firewalls are even obsolete.

In order for today's companies to defend themselves against the most malicious cyber-attacks that exist, there needs to be a solution that provides enterprise-level security and risk management with the flexibility to grow at scale and at the same time affordable.

And that's exactly what we've built at HUB Security. HUB new HSMs platform goes well beyond the average run-of-the-mill key management solution. HUB as a platform  doesn't only protect and isolate your company's most vulnerable assets, but also provides the infrastructure you need to access and use it securely. With the ability to set custom internal policies and permissions, any business can now use HUB platform  as a cyber security solution that's right for them.

The HSM solution is built to protect your data from verticals of potential vulnerability. It's well known to both those who hack and those with the misfortune of being hacked that the most vulnerable access-point lay on the client-side. With our HSM device, your data is protected with military-grade cryptography - so you know no one is snooping around where they shouldn't be, and you're alerted if they are.

The HSM device goes even a step further, protecting your most sensitive data against internal cyber attacks from within your organization. Today's hackers have the ability to infiltrate vulnerable hardware remotely, lurking on a compromised device and waiting for the right moment to piggy-back off their secure access.

That's why we designed our HSM device to not only secure your data on a software level but cryptographically on a hardware level, for an added layer of security. Our HSM device is built as an end-to-end hardware-secured platform, isolated from networks and potentially compromised hardware. That means, even with access to your network, device and internal infrastructure, you can rest assured your data isn't compromised. 

Designed to protect your entity's most sensitive pieces of information, HUB  Security's HSM cryptographically verifies user identities to guarantee data integrity. In a world of innumerable threats, our HSM device is built to protect you and your data from the most dangerous threats. 

Want to learn more? Check out the HSM device for yourself? Reach out to us