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HUB Security Partners with Swiss Based Kudelski Security to Provide Cryptographic Hardware

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - HUB Security, the Tel Aviv based cybersecurity firm announced today its partnership with Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division of the Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S). Through the collaboration, HUB Security will be able to extend Kudelski Security's highly specialized combination of cybersecurity products and industry-leading security solutions to the market and provide clients with threat protection for their data across all environments: IT and cloud as well as operational technology and industrial control systems.

HUB Security utilizes military-grade cybersecurity principles for its Vault HSM (Hardware Security Module), and handheld mini HSM device with FIPS approved cryptographic algorithm validation as well as an architecture that is designed for FIPS140-2 Level 4 (pending) - the highest protection level available on the cybersecurity market to date. 

Kudelski Security is an innovative provider of intelligent, tailored cybersecurity solutions to a growing base of global enterprises and public sector institutions. With thousands of patents worldwide, Kudelski Security leverages a rich heritage of innovation, which drives the development of their offerings, services, and provides a global platform to create and deliver solutions to the world's toughest cybersecurity challenges. 

The latest partnership adds to the set of tools in Kudelski Security's Digital Asset Custody portfolio, providing clients with highly secured, flexible and programmable solutions designed to ease common concerns over increasing hacks and cyberattacks. HUB Security's solutions include its handheld mini HSM for secure remote access and approval, empowering enterprises to offer services for storing client assets and data - all while ensuring they are digitally secure and protected.  As an authorized reseller and integrator, Kudelski Security can help identify risks, design solutions, and implement within any environment.

HUB Security gained notoriety recently when it announced it would be the first industry-standard HSM to provide quantum-proof capabilities and MultiCore infrastructure on all its hardware solutions. The new feature release, announced in late May, was designed to protect companies against the next generation of cyber threats and attacks - quantum attacks.

HUB Security's HSMs offer high-performance military-grade key management and cryptographic solutions built on fully programmable hardware. Now coupled with its latest MultiCore HSM performance and quantum-proof capabilities, the company will enable cloud and enterprise industries to safeguard against novel cyberattacks and threats.

The up and coming cybersecurity company boasts an expanding portfolio of fintech, cloud, and critical infrastructure  clientele. As a growing number of industries turn to cloud and data storage solutions, there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions that can combat their unique threats.

Speaking of the partnership, Kudelski Security's Head of Digital Asset Security and Blockchain, Scott Carlson said "As the threats become more sophisticated, Kudelski Security looks to companies, like HUB Security to bring unique technologies that help us solve client needs in data centers, digital assets, and ledgers."

About HUB Security 

HUB Security is a top-tier, military-grade provider of programmable HSM and key management solutions for fintech, cloud, and blockchain security. Leveraging military-grade cybersecurity tactics and utilizing cutting-edge innovations, HUB Security has developed a family of products that provide the highest level of enterprise security available on the market today.