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Protecting the Edge with HUB Security Can Reduce Cyber TCO up to 80%

The cybersecurity industry has grown more complex as it grapples with the ever-increasing threat landscape. According to research from ThoughtLab, cyberattacks increased 15.1% in 2021, and material breaches jumped 24.5%. Enterprises trying to defend against those threats have as many as 46 cybersecurity tools and spending could reach $172 billion in 2022. Not only is this approach of disparate systems and tools not working, the economic environment is forcing enterprises to reel in that spending and rethink their strategy.

CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs are looking for more cost effective options to secure their companies, putting CISOs under the microscope more than ever. According to Gartner’s top eight cybersecurity predictions for 2022-23, 80% of enterprises will adopt a strategy to unify web, cloud services and private application access from a single vendor’s SSE platform by 2025. Likewise, enterprises are most likely to look for a consolidated and stronger cybersecurity solution, a solution offering a more holistic protection instead of accumulating more tools and forcing additional budget battles. HUB Security’s Confidential Computing platform can protect your edge with a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is up to 80% less than traditional cybersecurity solutions.

Why strengthening the edge is beneficial

As edge computing grows at a CAGR of 38.9%, supplementing the cloud with data processing closer to the source, organizations are challenged to defend the massive number of new servers at those edge locations. With HUB Security solutions, the server that runs your application already has security baked in. Standard networking architectures require separate boxes for hardware security modules (HSMs), firewalls, web applications, and more. The cost of those boxes and associated maintenance and management can quickly get out of control, and the semiconductor supply shortage has made this market even more cumbersome to navigate. HUB Security’s PCIe solution, for instance, can be installed quickly and is simpler to use than industry-standard combination of solutions. It not only acts as the fortified gateway to the servers’ computation parts, but it also protects data at rest, in transit, and in use. The superior performance and full computation stack defense is ideal for edge computing use cases and reduces the total cost of ownership up to 80% compared to standard solutions.

Growth of confidential computing

As threats become more sophisticated, confidential computing has gained traction because it allows data to remain encrypted at all times. The confidential computing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 90-95% in the best-case scenario through 2026 and mitigate the threat of data breaches. By implementing the smallest trust zone, an isolated computing environment with an end-to-end security stack, enterprises can rest assured that their edge environments are safe with centralized management and monitoring. HUB’s solution includes a dedicated hardware environment, providing a higher level of security than a perimeter or agent-based security solution. It automatically implements micro segmentation, web application firewall capabilities, HSMs, key management functionality, identity and access management services, as well as stealth logging and monitoring.

Answering budget concerns

Many cybersecurity tools don’t work well together, yet tool sprawl is a real issue as enterprises continue to bolt on more systems hoping to create a patchwork defense. The cost of maintenance and hiring new skilled workers is growing more expensive year after year. CISOs can keep their budgets in check, satisfying C-suite executives who are looking to tighten the belt, and achieve results by changing their approach. The HUB Security Confidential Computing platform takes the place of existing perimeter security and agent-based security software in data centers and critical edge cyber infrastructure. HUB Security’s solution creates a cyber “wrap,” simplifying the cybersecurity approach while reducing enterprises’ CAPEX and OPEX annual spend. Learn more about HUB Security’s Confidential Computing platform today to start reducing costs and getting better results.